Building Atlanta Since 1912: A Century of Service to the Commercial Construction Industry


Southern GF is a company that believes quality should never be compromised.  We stand behind our products and service, from start to finish. That may sound unusual today, but it’s the way we’ve done business for more than a century.  When people ask what the “GF” in “Southern GF Company” stands for, we like to say it means “Good Folks.”


What Southern GF Means to You

In a word, profit. 

Southern GF’s sound business practices help your job to run smoothly and efficiently.  We’re uncompromising when it comes to quality. That’s the way a supplier should be.   For more than a century, that is the approach we have taken to providing top-notch doors, frames, and hardware to commercial and institutional clients in the construction and building maintenance industry throughout Atlanta and the southeast.

We take great pride in serving architects and general contractors by offering one of the most comprehensive product lines available today to the commercial construction industry, in collaboration with more than 80 industry-leading manufacturers. Our broad product line includes:

  • Steel doors and steel frames, ranging from typical profiles to engineered profiles including acoustic, windstorm rated, blast and bullet resistant, UL/WH rated, lead lined, patient room access, oversized, stainless steel and thermal break
  • Wood doors ranging from nearly unlimited choices of veneers or laminates to exterior stile and rail doors, fire rated wood doors and customizable Medium Density Fiberboard (“MDF”) stile and rail doors
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (“FRP”) doors, heavy-duty aluminum stile and rail doors and Acrylic-Modified Polyester (“AMP”) doors
  • Architectural hardware, including mechanical, electromechanical, electronic access, emergency panic exit, hinges, door closures, pulls, trim thresholds, and gasketing
  • Vision Frames including STC and hurricane-rated, door louvers including specialty and security
  • Glazing products including safety, fire- and impact-rated glass


Honesty, Integrity, Expertise—The Keys to Stellar Customer Service

It is not just the diversity of our product line and the resulting one-stop convenience that drive our unique services.  It is not just our pledge to offer our customers the best in product and service. 

It is the honesty and expertise with which we approach everyone we deal with, both customers and suppliers. 


  • Customer education.  We strive to provide our customers and vendors with the product knowledge and support they need in a manner that exceeds their expectations.   We consider it our mission to guide customers when we can help them achieve their optimal solution.  We do not sell products without considering the needs of our customer or end user as well as the guidelines established for the proper use of the product, and/or given job criteria. 
  • Customer-centered innovation.  We have pioneered the use of technology to serve our customers better.  We continue to lead the way, innovating in the use of customer relationship management (CRM) and offering the first online store aimed at our customer base.
  • Trusted vendor partnerships.  Our relationship with our vendors is one of the biggest secrets of our success.  It means a great deal to us that they consider Southern GF an industry leader, repeatedly citing our professionalism, our business structure and the way we do business.  Maintaining excellent relationships with our vendors helps us deliver a high level of service to our customers.

Quality Service Begins with Quality People

It is one thing to offer a complete inventory of standard essentials for the building industry and a complete facility for modifying products to order.  It is another thing to back up these resources with a consuming dedication to deliver service above and beyond the customer’s order.  That has been our commitment since 1912.

To maintain our commitment to provide integrated supply services to the construction industry, Southern GF Company offers the services of qualified personnel, three acres of plant facilities, and offices with AAA1 financial resources.  We are dedicated to providing a staff of quality people to ensure total customer satisfaction. 


  • Quality of product
  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Consummate professionalism

Since 1912, these have been the qualities that set Southern GF Company apart and gained us an unparalleled reputation throughout the Atlanta area and the southeast for our distribution services to the construction industry—commercial projects, institutional clients, and architects alike.

No project is too large or too small.  Let us put our experience and integrity to work for you. 


Giving Back: The SGF Prize

From 1974 through 2008, Southern GF sponsored the SGF Prize among graduate architecture students in cooperation with the prestigious College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology and the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  The design problem was determined by Georgia Tech professors, and the winners were selected by a panel of prominent architects from across the country.  Each year Southern GF presented the SGF prize to a top architectural student.   During that 34-year period, the SGF jury recognized some of the Architecture Program’s finest students.


Contact Us to Discuss Your Solution Today

With more than 100 years of experience in construction supply, a forward-looking attitude, a commitment to stellar customer service, and unparalleled resources to provide you with the highest-quality products, Southern GF Company can supply virtually any of your commercial or institutional needs.  

You can rely on our reputation, our people, and our product mix.  For a free consultation and assessment of your requirements, contact us today at 404-609-9300 or 1-800-282-6686 or use our convenient contact form.  We return all contacts, whether phone or e-mail, on a same-day basis


Why Southern GF Company?

Southern GF Company offers the services of qualified personnel, three acres of plant and offices with AAA1 financial resources. The success of Southern GF Company is dependent on our network of valued customers. We are dedicated to provide them with quality products, service, support, and a staff of quality people to insure total customer satisfaction.

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